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Interview: Mark Cousins Post Maidstone United

Posted: Wed 01 Mar 2017

We spoke to goalkeeper Mark Cousins after he made his first start in the league this season in Tuesday's game against Maidstone United

Mark Cousins was delighted to get his first league start of the season but was disappointed with the overall result on Tuesday.

“I got told early in the day that I would be starting and it was a nice surprise but it wasn’t a great result for us, especially when it was at home. It is always disappointing to concede goals and we know we can score goals but in the game we didn’t take our chances when they came and we got punished.”

“When you are not playing you have just got to make sure you’re ready for when your time comes as Justham has been doing well, but it is a difficult position being a goalkeeper because when you get taken out of the team it is not nice. For me personally I have waited all season for my chance and unfortunately it wasn’t in a game with the best result or performance but that can happen in football.”

The ‘keeper says that the first goal was a good goal but believes the second goal conceded occurred too easily.

“The first goal was a good strike after about 5 minutes and that deflated us a little bit especially when we were against the wind in the first half and the conditions were not easy to play in. We just had to get through to half time and look to restart in the second half, I thought that in the second half we were the dominant team and with their second goal the player seemed to get through the defence too easily and we don’t expect that to happen so that was a poor goal for us to concede.”

Cousins believes that the referee made the right decision in disallowing a goal for the visitors when the score was at 1-0.

“The referee said that he didn’t see clearly what happened but the player got in the way of my kick when I was taking the goal kick and luckily for us the linesman saw it and he told the referee what happened. A few minutes before it happened Paul Benson was told to stay away from their goalkeeper when he was taking a goal kick so we wanted some consistency and eventually we got to the right outcome.”

With Lincoln City drawing to bottom of the table York City, Tuesday’s game gave the Daggers a chance if victorious to be one point off the league leaders going into the final 12 games of the season. Cousins believes that winning these games are crucial to teams who are pushing for promotion.

“We should be much more confident when we are playing at home as we are second in the league and these sort of teams we should be putting to the sword, and at the end of the season the team that wins the league is going to be the team that comes out on top in these sorts of games.”

“We have done really well to get where we are at the minute and in the last twelve games we need to make sure that we get the right results as we all want to get promotion and with where we are in the league at the moment we don’t want to let it slip now.“

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