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Posted Thu 19 Jul 12 at 13:30 PM

Daggers Make it 8 Unbeaten

A wonder striker from Billy Bingham gave the Daggers the point they needed to guarantee League Two survival, writes Jack Steggles.

It came as the game moved into first half injury time - and what a goal it was.

Picking up a pass from Michael Spillane midway in the Crawley half, Bingham moved on and let fly a venomous left footer that ripped high into the net with visiting keeper Michel Kuipers no more than a spectator.

The effort Kuipers made to get to the ball was no more than a futile gesture, for shots hit with that pace and power are simply unstoppable.

It's a goal that Bingham should remember for a very long time - and if he does not the Daggers fans most certainly will. For it guaranteed survival and banished all lingering fears of relegation.

The draw stretched the Daggers unbeaten run to eight games - their best as a Football League club. And they could not have chosen a better time to go on that run.

They can now relax, play with freedom and congratulate themselves on a job well done under difficult circumstances. They have been plagues with injuries all season, had to turn to too many loan players in emergency and struggled for most of the season.

But it all came right in the end and the last few matches have finally proved what this group of players are capable of.

They had to come from behind to claim their point against a Crawley side involved in a scrap at the other end of the table. Promotion is their target and this result was a setback for them.

The Daggers felt hard done by when Crawley took the lead in the 18th minutes. It came from a corner John Still's men were convinced should have been a goal kick.

But referee Danny McDermid - an army major who has just returned from Afghanistan - decided otherwise and warded a flag kick. That was met by Charlie Wassmer, who steered it in at the near post to give Crawley the lead.

That's the same Charlie Wassmer who recently spent eight games on loan at Dagenham, making one brief appearance as sub before being recalled by Crawley a few days earlier,

Crawley were bright, lively and with front two of Gary Alexander and Billy Clarke a constant threat, dangerous on the break.

But the Daggers had to better chances to have won the match and both Medy Elito and Abu Ogogo passed up acceptable chances.

However the opposition was quality, so a point was a good reward and the Daggers have every reason to be pleased with a job well done.

The last few matches have shown what they are capable of and if Still can keep this squad together the future will be a lot brighter than a season best forgotten.

With League Two football assured John Still can now enjoy his 62nd birthday on Tuesday.

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